If you have suffered a foreclosure, if you have not respected the terms of a contract signed with a bank or a finance company because you forgot to pay regularly the installments of a mortgage or any other financial product. If you have more unpaid installments and have not yet proceeded to remediate debt with debt collection companies.

Whatever the reason why your name was entered in the database as a bad payer, you still have the option to apply for a payday loan.

But is it possible to find payday loans in protest and even bad payers?

They are very difficult to obtain, comparable to payday loans without paychecks , and one of the few possibilities is the transfer of the fifth with deduction of 1/5 in paycheck or pension. Alternative solutions, but very difficult to obtain, are payday loans or private payday loans.

payday loans that have been repaid to protested are forms of payday loan financing without a fixed rate and fixed rate control where the repayment of the monthly payment is made by paying bills at any bank branch. The repayment term of payday loans for protestors and bad payers through bills of exchange varies from 18 to 72 months and in any case it is always possible to decide at the time of the request.

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Other forms of payday loans Even for Bad Payers are payday loans between individuals , in this case the financing is provided directly by private individuals who are available to lend money on the payment of an interest rate. In recent years, in this regard, were born various portals which allow you to put in touch with individuals who are available to make the payday loan with those who, instead, need a sum of money.

We point out that payday loans between private individuals of do NOT finance bad payers and to request a payday loan should not be protested and / or prejudicial.